Testimonial Burrow


Dr. Patrick Gwyer PhD DclinPsych MSc, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Chartered Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Chartered Scientist.


'Phoebe's Plenary Speech at the 29th World Summit of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy in New York (2018) stopped the audience in its tracks. She presented with a degree of passion, insight and knowledge of the topic which is rare.

On concluding her presentation, she received a well-deserved, rapacious round of applause from the delegates. Her easy-going manner and skilled delivery combined beautifully with her expert knowledge to create an informative, educational and engaging presentation.

I would highly recommend Phoebe as a speaker to those who want to learn more about the area of mental health from both a professional staff viewpoint or from a personal, lived experience'.

Renee Pukehika - Founder of The Recommended Therapist

'Phoebe is one of the most passionate and articulate speakers in the mental health sector. I first met Phoebe at a professional level where she put her passion and skills into all areas of her work.


Phoebe is a well educated, infectiously energetic, charismatic and experienced peer worker at several levels. She was highly motivated to provide avenues of self-empowerment for service-users in WA.

I congratulate Phoebe not only on a successful international speaking career with her business Thru the Rabbit Hole, but also with her dedicated lived experience peer work through peer support, executive level lived experience representation, advocacy and , advisory roles where she has worked as a change agent for systemic level changes and reform in the WA mental health sector.'